Impregnated Vaseline Gauze as an Alternative for Treatment Superficial-Mid Dermal Paediatric Burn During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Dr. Sardjito General Hospital Indonesia


  • Lucia Anik Purwaningsih Sardjito General Hospital
  • Rosadi Seswandana Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia



burn; gauze; pediatric; vaselin


Background: During the Covid-19 pandemic, burn care services are essential non-elective services  that cannot be delayed caused burns are an emergency and urgent condition required immediate treatment especially for pediatric. The treatment was difficult, healing process of the wound needs long time and high cost, with the limited types safe of dressings for pediatric availability in our hospital. In order to facilitated wound healing we developed impregnated vaselin gauze as an alternative for the treatment of superficial-mid dermal burns in pediatric.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to describe the benefit of impregnated vaselin gauze on wound healing based on length of stay of the patient.

Method: This is a descriptive study.  Wound was treated with closed method based on moist using gauze impregnated vaselin, covered with thick gauze and bandaging to keep it moist. Wound are evaluated during wound care with assessing epithelial tissue and wound reduction every 4-5 days until wound healing occurs. The sample of this study are superficial-mid dermal burn injury in pediatric, population who hospitalized in Burn Unit Dr.Sardjito Hospital during pandemic period April – December 2020.

Results: There were 11 respondents, age between 1 month – 16 years old (mean age 3 years old), extend of burn area are between 8 – 41% BSA (mean percentage 23% BSA), and the length of stay for wound healing was around 6 – 28 days (Mean of length of stay 18 days).

Conclusion:  Impregnated vaselin -gauze dressing are able to facilitate the re-epithelization process in wound healing superficial-mid dermal burn injury.