Author Guidelines

General Principle
Manuscripts submitted to the journal is an original work that has never been published previously and is submitted exclusively to JIWOCNA.

We accept three types of article: (1) original articles: basic/clinical/ community-based research, (2) case reports, (3) Systematic review/ literature review

Manuscript Guidelines
The manuscript is written in English, which is outlined as follow :

Title Page
This includes the title of the manuscript, the full names without academic and professional credentials with commas between names. In addition, a number (1) is to be used to designate the corresponding author with academic and professional credentials, and institutional affiliation(s).

Abstract for research articles, reviews, and case reports should not above of 250 words. The abstract should be concise, consisting of background, purpose, methods, results, and conclusion. Keywords (maximum 5) are written on the same page with abstract separated from each other with a semicolon (;).

The introduction contains provides the state of the art of the study and consists of an adequate background, previous research in order to record the existing solutions/method to show which is the best, and the main limitation of previous research, to show the scientific merit or novelties of the paper. Avoid a detailed literature survey or a summary of the results. The purpose of the study should state the major aim of the research and is written at the end of the introduction section.

Methods should be structured as follow:

1.  Research design
Describe the specific research design used

  1. Setting and samples
    State when and where the study was conducted, duration of study, Identify the sampling strategy used to recruit the samples/participants as well as the inclusion and exclusion criteria. How samples/participants were recruited should also be stated. Also, identify the sample size (and the population, if applicable) and sample size justification, including sample size calculation or power analysis, if applicable.


Instruments / Instrumen

Describe the tool or Instruments used in the study


Data Collection / Procedure

Describe the procedure/data collection of the study.


Statistical Analysis

Describe the statistical analysis used in this study.


Ethical Clearance

Describe whether the study has been approved by ethical research committee (write the number of ethical clearance)


Data Analysis
Describe the techniques used for data analysis, including the software used.

Trustworthiness / Rigor Qualitative Studies
Describe strategies to ensure the trustworthiness/rigor of the qualitative data (credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability).

Describe the major findings of the research. Results should be clear, and concise.

The discussion should explore the significance of the results of the study. Describe the implication and limitation of the study


The reference consists of all references used to write the manuscript and adhere to the APA 7th edition. Ensure that citations used are as contemporary as possible, including those from the current year of writing. Delete older literature citations (more than 10 years) unless these are central to your study. The number of references should be at least 30, of which 80% of them should be from journal articles. References should avoid the use of secondary citations. Self-citations are allowed up to 15% of the total references.  

Manuscript of Case Studies   


The Introduction or Background section should explain the background of the case, progression, and an explanation of the presentation if it is a disorder. It should also include a brief literature review. The aim of the case study should be described in the introduction


Case Presentation

This sections describe the all relevant details about the case. Discuss the significance and rarity of findings with referencing the previous studies.



This section section contain description about major interpretations from the findings, comparison to other previous studies, and the significance of the findings.



In this section contain conclusion of the case reports. Describe the relevance and significance the findings to the clinical setting in a summary briefly.



The references format follows APA